POLYNERVE – The GoTo solution for Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair Procedure:

  • Only conduit specifically designed to support directional nerve regeneration
  • POLYNERVE negates the need for an autologous graft and eliminates risks associated with donor site morbidity
  • POLYNERVE has been shown to have comparable efficacy to autologous nerve grafting in pre-clinical, in-vivo and Clinical studies

POLYNERVE is an artificial resorbable nerve conduit:

  • The inner lumen is patterned with unique microgrooves with a topology optimized for nerve regeneration and the incorporation of cell therapy
  • It enhances Schwann cell infiltration and guides the directional growth of the regenerating axons
  • The scale of grooves has a significant influence on contact guidance which has been thoroughly investigated and optimized by POLYNERVE’s team
  • Comprised of biodegradable medically approved materials engineered to support the biology of nerve regeneration
  • Composition is flexible, providing ample protection, and returns to shape after bending