POLYNERVE, introducing the Go-To solution for the Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair Procedure and Regeneration
Nerve injuries have significant health, social and cost implications
Nerve injury has significant health, social, and cost implications. Permanent disability despite surgical intervention includes constant pain (56%), adverse impact on daily life (71%), dexterity (97%), cold sensation (79 %), and reduced function(91%). 20-30% of nerve gap patients experience poor recovery of sensation, and the cost implications are estimated to be EUR 51,238 per person (2005).

Autographing, the current gold standard, is time-consuming with long surgical preparation time, and also faces the difficulties of harvesting donor site deficit, a finite resource, and risk of donor site morbidity and second surgical procedure. There are synthetic solutions in the market. However, Polynerve is the only one designed with a MicroGrooving designed to enhance the directional growth of the nerves.
For patients, Polynerve is designed specifically to promote nerve regeneration and is absorbable with no long-term side effects, it can eliminate second surgical harvesting site morbidity and potential neuroma formation and also can improve patients’ recovery due to reduced complications and less surgical intervention.

For surgeons, no special training is required, and Polynerve provides a range of sizes to accommodate various needs. Simplified surgical procedure minimizing time in theatre by up to a third.

For healthcare providers, Insurance companies, and society, Polynerve can reduce the cost and time of surgery and potential complications. Better surgical outcomes will enable the patient to return faster to work and reduce the burden on healthcare facilities. Reimbursement codes are already in use.